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This month, we will look at 5 tips to help you begin decluttering you home.  Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your “Collection of Stuff” wasn’t either.  So take a deep breath, grab a pencil and paper or your favorite electronic device and let’s get started.

Check out  “Is Decluttering on Your Mind?  Go For a Little not a Lot!” in this edition of Concierge Connect!

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Are you overwhelmed and stressed?? Everyone needs some help from time-to time.

MSS Concierge of Maryland, LLC ….. is a personal assistant service. We work with busy executives, small business owners and seniors. MSS Concierge offers a range of professional services by lifestyle management consultants, errand service providers and event organizers.

LOOKING FOR SNOW REMOVAL SERVICE?  Contact us now to set up the service.  We can do your grocery shopping,  waiting for deliveries or repairs, and even Holiday Tuesday Shopping. Don’t wait:  Call 301-529-9003 or email .

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MSS Concierge offers you a variety of service payment plans for your convenience.

  • Snow Removal Service:  Prices vary based on size of driveway and snow amount
  • A la Carte Services: Personal services with a 2-hour monthly minimum rate
  • Platinum Membership: 20 hours of personal services
  • Gold Membership: 15 hours per month of personal services
  • Silver Membership: 10 hours of personal services
  • Transportation to the Doctor
  • Senior Medical Advocate
  • Special Designed Packages

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